Public Works Interships Programmes Application Form
What is an Internship
 Internship is a public services graduate work experience programme targeting unemployed graduates.
 Internship gives students workplace experience or an opportunity to practice the work skills that they have studied and will practice in future.
 Internship in the public service is a planned, structured and managed programme that provides work experience for a specific period varying from three to twelve months
Two Categories of Intern
 A graduate's intern is a person who has completed a qualification but has been unemployed and needs workplace exposure to enhance of future employment.
 A student intern is someone who is enrolled at a tertiary education institution for a SAQA registered qualification and required practical experience as part of their study programme, in order to obtain their qualification.
 Both cases interns should be between the ages of 18 and 35 years.
Objectives of Internship
 To resolve the general shortage of qualified and skilled people in the workforce by encouraging graduates to quip themselves with necessary practical experience.
 To assist in meeting the strategic staffing needs of department by providing practical and accelerated work experience programmes that expose interns to specific occupations.
 To address the problem of youth unemployment and provide unemployed graduates with valuable work experience and skills to enhance their employability.
 To provide opportunities to gain some practical experience for students who are required to do this credits towards a qualification.
 To contribute to accelerated service delivery through the improved introduction of skilled personnel in the public sector and improved equitable access to the public sector employment for rural and marginalized groups such as women and disabled.
 To contribute to lifelong learning and increase awareness among students for job and career.
Beneficiaries of the programme
 Unemployed South African graduates from SAQA registered Institution who have completed their degrees or diplomas.
 Students studying under registered Institution with SAQA.
Framework for Internship
Institution who require practical's as part of their Degree/Diploma in order to complete their qualification.
 Fit to purpose
 Promote equity
 Partnership and Cooperation
 Enhance understanding of the public service
Recruitment Strategy
 Career Exhibitions
Targeted Areas
 Quantity surveying.
 Mechanical engineering.
 Civil Engineering.
 Building Administration.
 Electrical Engineering.
 Information Technology Management.
 Human Resource Management.
 Record Management.
 Supply Chain Management.
 Occupational Health and safety.
 Financial Management.
 Property and Facility Management.
Conditions of Service and remuneration of graduate interns
Interns must meet the qualifying criteria to be eligible for the following provisions in the Public Service:
 Payment of performing overtime.
 Travel and subsistence allowance.
 Night shift allowances.
 Danger allowances and special danger allowances.
 Night shift allowances.
 Standby allowance.
 Camping allowance.
 Clothing for work/protective clothing.
Remuneration of interns are guided by the Determination on interns and learners made by the Minister of Public Service and Administration.


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