Public Works Learnership Programmes Broucher
Public Works Learnership Programmes Application Form
What is a Learnership??
A learnership is a structured learning program that combines both theory and practice for a specified period and leads to a nationally recognised qualification
It is used to bridge the gap between theory and practice with the view acquiring a qualification and enhance opportunity for employment;
Catergories of Learners
18.1 These are learners employed in government departments and municipalities.
18.2 These are unemployed persons, selected to take part in a learnership programme.
Objectives of Learneship
 Reduce unemployment and poverty
 Reduce the critical/scarce skills gap
 Produce skilful the qualified workforce
 To contribute to service delivery by introducing skilled personnel
 To contribute to life long learning and increase awareness among learners of job and career opportunities in the public service.
 Previously disadvantaged persons
 People with disabilities
Recruitment Strategy
 Career Exhibition
 Local Municipalityn
Targeted Learning Areas
 Brick laying
 Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
 Boiler making
Conditions of service for unemployed learners and employed learners
 For employed learners: The normal conditions of employment will apply.
 For unemployed learners: The Department of Public Service Administration determination for learnership shall apply


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