Received Bids
CATEGORY A LDPWRI-20347 framework schedule
CATEGORY B LDPWRI-20347 framework schedule
CATEGORY C LDPWRI-20347 Framework schedule
Received Bid B20285
LDPWRI-R 20282 Mobile Toilet, Received Schedule Bids
LDPWRI B20097 Dikoloi Secondary School
LDPWRI B20098 Suswe Primary School
LDPWRI B20099 Rakgoatha Primary School
LDPWRI B20101 Matsiwe Primary School
LDPWRI B20102 David Scara Kutumela Primary School
LDPWRI B20105 Rebone Secondary School
LDPWRI B20106 Matsuokwane Secondary School
LDPWRI B20107 Dikgalopeng Primary School
LDPWRI B20108 Seboeng Primary School
LDPWRI B20109 Paul High School
LDPWRI B20113 Vitivi Primary School
LDPWRI B20114 Sehowe Primary School
LDPWRI-B20091 Diphuti Primary School
LDPWRI-B20092 Masikhwa Primary School
LDPWRI-B20093 Napsadi Secondary School
LDPWRI-B20094 Ngwanamakhutswe Secondary School
LDPWRI-B20095 Seale Secondary School
LDPWRI-B20096 Kgarahara High School
LDPWRI-B20100 Mmaphuti Manamela Secondary School
LDPWRI-B20103 Matsobane Primary School
LDPWRI-B20109 Paul High School
LDPWRI-B20110 Chameti High School
LDPWRI-B20111 Ramatimana Primary School
LDPWRI-B20112 Mphakani Primary School
LDPWRI-B20115 Rasema Secondary School
Welding Application and Practice: Manufacturing and Engineering
Construction of New Community Library at Phokwane: Sekhukhune District
Construction of New Community Library at Nzhelele: Vhembe District